Kittens getting bigger


Morrigan on the lookout.

Coco loves having her chin rubbed… 

Morrigan and the butterfly…


Sabella, Rozi’s kitten.

Here she is again.

This little boy might be called Rafferty – he is going to live with Bailey. He has just knocked his best friend off the sofa, but he looks like butter wouldn’t melt…

Fun and games…

Here are two little girl kittens…

Kittens individ shoot 054

This kitten is going to live with Tom, a black rescue cat from Wood Green. She is a little charmer, but she is practicing  being a big cat in case he likes that sort of thing…

Kittens individ shoot 059

See? She can do everything that her big brothers can…

Kittens individ shoot 064

She does need to learn how to share, though! “It’s mine, all mine!”

Kittens individ shoot 066

This little girl is going to live with Diesel, another black cat.

Kittens individ shoot 070

Look at her bandit eyes, she’s going to pounce…

Kittens individ shoot 074

Kill the fish!

Kittens individ shoot 077

Kill it more!



Kittens at 6 weeks


Django has a fan club!


There’s really quite a lot of them!


Of course, he does have his favourite…


This is a sweet little fellow



These two are tired out after showing off to their new family, where they will be joining a lovely chocolate burmese.


Play hard, sleep hard…


Rozi kitten has got the hang of the whole “cat sat on the mat in front of the fire” concept. She will be joining a black smoke oriental and an older Siamese.


…and she loved Hallowe’en!


Kittens galore…

Sabella had seven kittens – all black!

Here they are....

This little fellow looks like his mum…

This little fellow looks like his mum...


Sabella looking loving

Here’s one asking for a tummy tickle…


This little boy has a sense of adventure…

Casey climbing

And so has this one…


This little girl is beautiful..


but it’s all such hard work…


More next week!